Sunday, January 7, 2007

Saddam Hussein Execution Pictures

Saddam Hussein Execution Pictures and Video.

A case for the worldwide end to hanging and other forms of torture.

Many of us have seen the pictures and/or video clip...the hanging execution of Saddam Hussein, the former Iraq leader on December 30, 2006. It was a barbaric end to a cruel and ruthless dictator.

A sequence of graphic pictures of the hanging can be seen at This is not typical of the type of content seen on this medical website, but there has been so much interest about his controversial method of execution, that pictures are temporarily posted. Most people agree that he deserved to die for his atrocities against Iraqies, but the method of his death is questionable.

People need to be aware of the brutal nature of hanging. The practice of hanging and other forms of torture should be halted worldwide, even for people as evil and cruel as Saddam Hussein. Hanged people are briefly alive and thinking, even after their neck is broken and trachea ("wind pipe") is ripped open by the rope. There are more humane types of execution available, such as painless lethal injection. World leaders should be setting examples of higher ethical standards than to perpetuate this form of torture.